Iman Almidani

Seasoned Web Developer & Professional Technical Product Development Manager (Agile Scrum - Proven Experience)

About me

My past experiences have taught me a variety of web development and team management skills. I have a vast experience in managing web development teams and understanding the needs of management and creative departments. I’m capable of formulating technical ideas and solutions to work towards the success of the company or the product I’m involved with. I’m also well versed with the processes involved with generating online revenue.

During my long experience in web development for over ten years I have reached a level where the quality of my work is what gets me noticed. I pay a lot of attention to ensure that my work complies with the web standards and industry specifications and it can be reused and maintained easily.

I'm a very hardworking and reliable person who strives towards professional growth and I constantly improve my knowledge and learn new technologies and skills which are crucial in this field.

Iman Almidani

Professional Technical Product Development Manager (Agile Scrum - Proven Experience)

» Technical product development management and supervisory experience.
» Creative online business strategist.
» Over 10 years of LAMP development experience.
» Hard-working, motivated professional with loads of initiative and enthusiasm.
» Multicultural environments experience.

Web Application Development

My resume

Work Experience

2012 - now

Sr. Web Application Developer/ Technical Product Development Specialist

from May, 2012 to present day

Autodata Middle East - Dubai, UAE

» Translate business requirements into well-designed web applications/products with accurately estimated timeframes for work completion.
» Challenge requirements while designing solutions based on deep technical knowledge.
» Propose frameworks, technologies and standards for development and implementation of products.
» Innovate and solve complex problems.
» Manage controlled outsourcing when needed.
» Provide technical guidance and training for the developers.
» Lead/mentor developers and share knowledge.
» Drive quality, productivity and efficiency of the development team.
» Hire, train, mentor, and manage career development of team members.
» Liaise with IT Manager.
» Support clients to have smooth integration with offering professional training.
» Development & maintenance of ADME’s applications by applying Enhancements, Fixes and Upgrades.
» Develop and Customize applications, new products, or new modules.
» Conduct testing and installing of products and integration with clients.
» React to problems and correct the programs as necessary.
» Evaluate and increase the products’ effectiveness.
» Ensure quality of work and data provision to clients through the development and implementation of best practices procedures, security and standards.
» Provide pre-sales support with new client and after-sales support to existing clients.

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2010 - 2012

Sr. Web Application Developer

from December 2010 to April 2012

Autodata Middle East - Dubai, UAE

» Develop & maintain ADME’s products and applications and client integration.
» Customize and/or develop products, new applications, or new module, specifications developments.
» Conduct testing and integration of products into production.
» React to problems and correct the products as necessary.
» Evaluate and increase product's effectiveness.
» Adapt the applications to new requirements, as necessary.
» Ensure quality of work through development and implementation of QA procedures, security and standards.
» Accurately outline work task breakdowns for programming side of new projects
» Accurately estimate time frames for work completion and hitting them.
» Accurately and regularly complete time-sheets, reporting back, documentation and follow-up.
» Monitor client activities and subscriptions on daily basis.
» Provide client help-desk support.
» Participate in planning, evaluating and scheduling of new and revised products, procedures and equipment.

2005 - 2010

Sr. Web Application Developer

July 2005 – August 2010

Tamayuz - Damascus, Syria

» Develop in PHP, MYSQL, LAMP, Frameworks, MCV and other relevant programs.
» Writing technical designs;
» Coordinate the workflow within the development team overlooking output as per the planning;.
» Backing up the applications in close co-operation with the IT Manager;
» Liaising with Technical department of key customers;
» Provide the studies and time plan in order to achieve expectations by management;
» Train, and help the development team members;

Work (70%)
» Development & maintenance of web portals and applications.
» Custom application, or new module, specifications;
» Ensuring quality of work through development and implementation of QA procedures and standards.

Management (30%)
» Accurately outlining work task breakdowns for programming side of new projects
» Accurately estimating time frames for work completion and hitting them
» Accurately and regularly completing time-sheets with team to educate project managers about programming solutions.
» Educating and at times, coordinating, contract developers.



MicroMasters in Digital Product Management

Boston University Digital Product Management MicroMasters

- Creating product roadmaps
- Taking products from initial concept through user research, co-creation, and rapid prototyping
- Agile and lean management practices for creating software and digital products
- Social media and market testing methods
- Applying perspective from best practices in platform based strategies.

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2003 - 2005

Diploma in Technology and Business Administration

Diploma in Technology and Business Administration

About the Diploma The Business Administrative Technology is designed to prepare graduates for employment in a variety of positions in today’s technology-driven workplaces. The program provides learning opportunities that introduce, develop, and reinforce academic and occupational knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. Additionally, the program provides opportunities to upgrade present knowledge and skills or to retrain in the area of business administration and business technology.

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"Good code is its own best documentation. As you're about to add a comment, ask yourself, "How can I improve the code so that this comment isn't needed?" Improve the code and then document it to make it even clearer."

-Steve McConnell


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